Pocket Studio is a small studio offering education in a range of traditional metal smithing techniques


Alison Jackson

Founder of Pocket Studio


With no more than a small tool box and a bench, Alison started up Pocket Studio back in 2008. Since then it has evolved into a fully equipped and lively silversmithing workshop that is home to her own fully fledged craft practice and business.

Passionate about traditional handcrafts and ever so keen to keep them alive - Alison began sharing her knowledge and skills in metalsmithing in 2012. Blown away by the sheer enthusiasm her students have for these skills, Alison has developed a range of classes suited to complete beginners as well as those with some experience.

Find out more about Alison's own work here.


About the studio

Pocket Studio is a fully equipped silversmithing workshop that hosts a program of introductory metalsmithing courses.

After 9.5 years in Queanbeyan, Pocket Studio re-located to a beautiful light filled space in mid 2017. The studio is now located in Mitchell within the ANCA artists' complex. Jewellery and silversmithing courses run throughout the year and range from one off intensive day workshops through to six week courses.