How Saw Blade Sizes Work


Let’s be honest. The sizing system for saw blades is confusing. Even after years and years of using them I still need to double check the sizes before I order them or I risk getting some coarse toothed blade for my super fine cutting requirements, a size 2 and a 2/0 are quite different!

Alright so here it is, starting from super coarse through to super fine.

Size 4

Size 3

Size 2

Size 1

Size 0

Size 2/0

Size 3/0

Size 4/0

Size 5/0

Size 6/0

An excellent tip to remember when selecting a saw blade for your job is that you never want the thickness of your metal to fit in between the teeth of the blade. This will cause it to jam all over the place and no doubt break your blade (and your patience).

Common blade sizes we use in the workshop and for our classes is size 0 and size 2/0. This is generally cutting sheet from 0.6 up to 1mm. At the end of the day I think it’s quite a personal choice, there isn’t a solid set of rules of what works and doesn’t. I find it also depends on the job, sometimes there is benefit in having a coarser blade (it’s also thicker) as it is more rigid. Other times a thin blade is much easier to use, or may be required for a finely detailed design. Sold in packs of 12, its always good to have a range of sized blades on hand for different jobs… and a few extra bundles in case it’s one of those days when they just keep snapping!