Cold Connections





10am - 5pm


Alison Jackson


This one day workshop will introduce you to different methods of joining materials within jewellery without the use of heat. Commonly referred to as 'cold connections', we will largely be focusing on riveting throughout this one day workshop.  

You will learn about different styles of rivets and their various applications, including reasoning behind why you might chose riveting instead of soldering when using metals, as well as riveting non-metal materials.

You will gain hands on experience understanding both the technical and aesthetic requirements of a rivet by completing a range of sample pieces. In the afternoon, with guidance from Alison, you will then progress to designing and hand making your own small jewellery piece (earrings or pendant) that incorporates cold connections.

We will be working in a range of metals - copper, brass and silver as well as the option to incorporate plastics if you wish. All materials are included in the workshop fee, including sterling silver used in your final piece.

There will be lots of brass and copper for samples, experimenting and testing.  Alison will also have a range of samples and finished pieces on hand to show you. And of course, our library of books for plenty of inspiration! 

Suitable for both beginners and those wanting to refresh their technical knowledge of rivetting. 


Class size

4 students

Workshop cost

Includes all materials - $340


Not currently scheduled.
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